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Dominate raffles with specialized bots for mass entries, ideal for collectible, sneaker, and live event ticket sites. Explore our growing collection of software designed to elevate your raffle game on multiple platforms. These top-notch bots are the secret to rapidly expanding your success in raffle entries.

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A raffle bot offers efficiency by automating the entry process and scales easily for mass entries. It provides convenience for organizers, filters successful entries with checkout analytics, collects valuable data, and seamlessly integrates with Discord web-hooks, making it an attractive option for running raffles smoothly and effectively.

Raffle bots are most commonly used on Shopify for raffles, often seen on retailers like Kith, EQL’s Run Fair, popular on Social Status, Trophy Room, and Crocs. They’re also utilized for in-store releases on platforms such as Adidas Confirmed and Footlocker’s FLX rewards.

Retailers typically require account registration for raffle participation. Alongside this requirement, they often implement additional measures like IP tracking to restrict entries to one per device. However, individuals can bypass this restriction using proxies, which generate entries from various locations, thus bypassing detection.

The majority of all-in-one bots do not offer support for raffle task.

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