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Cash Back Using Rakuten

Skill Level: Intermediate
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Cash Back Using Rakuten

Cash Back Using Rakuten

As resellers, the goal is to maximize profits from every purchase made. One effective method to achieve this is by leveraging cashback services like Rakuten. Rakuten provides a simple and convenient way to earn back a percentage of your purchases, ranging from 2% to 10%, allowing you to boost your profits. This guide will walk you through how to use Rakuten effectively, with a primary focus on Nike and Jd Sports/Finishline.

Getting Started with Rakuten

1. Create Your Rakuten Account:

  • To begin, visit the Rakuten website at
  • Sign up for a Rakuten account. This is a straightforward process that requires your basic information.

2. Choose Your Cash Back Payout Method:

  • Rakuten offers three options for receiving your cash back: receiving a check every 90 days, having it deposited into your PayPal account, or receiving American Express reward points.
  • We recommend selecting the check payout option to avoid any fees associated with cashing out your earnings.

Installing and Using the Rakuten Extension

1. Install the Rakuten Google Chrome Extension:

2. Starting Your Shopping Trip:

With the extension enabled, you’re now ready to receive cashback. To ensure you always receive your cashback, follow these steps:

  • Open your desktop browser and navigate to the website where you plan to make a purchase, such as Nike or Jd Sports/Finishline.
  • The Rakuten extension will pop up a window, asking if you want to start your shopping trip.
  • Click “Start My Shopping Trip” to activate cashback tracking for your session.

3. Making Purchases and Earning Cash Back:

  • You don’t necessarily have to make the purchase on your desktop. You can also use Rakuten for orders you’ve bot-ed.
  • As long as your shopping trip was initiated via the Rakuten extension, you’ll receive cashback for your eligible purchases.

4. Adding Orders to Your Account:

  • If, for any reason, your cashback isn’t automatically tracked, you can manually add orders to your Rakuten account.
  • Visit the Rakuten page for adding missing cashback:
  • Submit a claim for your purchases by providing the necessary details.
  • Enabling your shopping trip with the Rakuten extension is crucial to ensuring you receive missing cashback for your orders.

By following these steps and utilizing Rakuten, you can effectively earn cash back on your reselling purchases, ultimately maximizing your profits. Remember to always activate your shopping trip using the Rakuten extension to ensure you receive cashback for your orders.

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