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Jigging for Address Alterations

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Jigging for Address Alterations

Jigging for Address Alterations

Address alteration, commonly known as J1gging, is a technique used in botting to modify botting profiles’ addresses, allowing you to bypass websites’ one-order-per-address restrictions. We will discuss three forms of J1gging for various websites: Shopify/Supreme, Footsites, and Nike. It’s important to note that while J1gging can be effective on many sites, some websites manually review orders or have filters that may still enforce one order per address (e.g., Kith).

Shopify Jigging

Shopify J1gs are rather simple and straightforward; however, there are two modifications that we will go over: general Shopify j1gging and Shoe Palace/Shop Nice Kicks. For general Shopify j1gging, you will need to change the shipping name, email, phone number, payment information, and address line 2. It is recommended to use quality Gmail accounts for all your Shopify orders. This is one of the factors that Shopify stores’ filters use to detect fraudulent or automated orders. It’s advisable to use personal, school, or work Gmail accounts to ensure that your botting profile passes this level of fraud detection. Please note that you can only j1g profiles for addresses that are houses or condos. J1gging apartment addresses may result in your package being delivered to the wrong location. Below, you will find an example of a normal Shopify profile and a j1gged Shopify profile.

  • To J1g Shopify profiles, change the shipping name, email, phone number, payment information, and address line 2.
  • Use quality Gmail addresses for Shopify orders to pass fraud detection.
  • Modify address line 2 with terms like Apt, Apartment, Suite, Building, Floor, or Unit.
  • For example: “123 Botpedia Lane, Apartment B” or “123 Botpedia Lane, Suite 6.”
  • Avoid J1gging apartment addresses as it may result in misdelivery.

Regular Profile

Shopify Profile Payment - Botpedia
Shopify Profile Shipping - Botpedia

Jigged or Altered Profile

Shopify J1gged Profile Payment 1 - Botpedia
Shopify J1gged Profile Shipping 1 - Botpedia

When j1gging Shopify profiles, the name of the profile is insignificant. However, modifying the email, phone number, card information, and address line 2 is critical to correctly j1gging your profiles. Here are some examples of address line 2 modifications that you can use:


    • Apt
    • Apartment
    • Suite
    • Building
    • Floor
    • Unit

For instance:

  • 123 Botpedia Lane, Apartment B
  • 123 Botpedia Lane, Suite 6
  • 123 Botpedia Lane, Building G

You can interchange letters or numbers with any of the prefixes listed above to correctly j1g your profiles.

Shoe Palace/Shop Nice Kicks Jigging

J1gging botting profiles for SP and SNK is much easier than your general Shopify j1gs. You only need one good email that you will use for all of your profiles, and all you need to change is the card information on your botting profiles. You may add any of the above address modifications to your address line 2, but you can keep all of the shipping information the same. Shoe Palace is very lenient when it comes to allowing multiple orders. Shop Nice Kicks is relatively the same; however, they may occasionally cancel a percentage of your orders if you hit a large enough clip.

Websites like Kith do not allow any address modification and strictly enforce a one-order-per-profile rule. The best way to get around Kith’s order restrictions is to use multiple addresses with completely separate shipping and payment information. Any overlap in your profiles will result in cancellations, but Kith will still process one order.

  • For SP and SNK, you only need one good email for all profiles.
  • Change the card information on your botting profiles.
  • You can add address modifications if desired.
  • SP is lenient with multiple orders, but SNK may cancel some orders at high volumes.

Supreme Jigging

Supreme j1gging is similar to Shopify, although the address modification is simpler. To properly j1g profiles on Supreme, you should alter the name, email, phone number, payment information, and add a special modification to address line 1. Like with Shopify, it’s advisable to use a quality Gmail account for all your profiles, as catch-alls run the risk of being flagged and may result in order processing issues or cancellations. You can use random first and last names because Supreme does not require signature delivery, along with a random phone number. The address modifications for Supreme involve adding three random letters in front of your address line 1, for example:

– XYZ 123 Botpedia Lane
– JFK 123 Botpedia Lane
– CBA 123 Botpedia Lane

Any combination of three letters before the address line 1 will suffice for the address modification on Supreme.

  • Modify the name, email, phone number, payment information, and address for Supreme.
  • Use quality Gmail addresses to avoid issues.
  • Add three random letters in front of your address line 1, like “XYZ 123 Botpedia Lane.”
  • Supreme doesn’t require a signature for delivery.

Nike Jigging

J1gging botting profiles for Nike is undoubtedly the most challenging, often requiring trial and error for success. Nike’s checkout process mandates the use of accounts, which means the phone number and email associated with your botting profiles must match those on your Nike account. The shipping name can be randomly generated in AYCD, as Nike does not require signature delivery. Successful Nike profile j1gging primarily relies on employing multiple addresses and making modifications to address line 2.

Nike applies filters that may restrict your accounts if too many share the same address. To circumvent this, it’s crucial to limit each address to no more than 10 accounts. Exceeding this limit poses the risk of being filtered, resulting in wasted time and resources. It’s important to note that Nike’s filtering is not permanent, and you can experiment with various modifications until your accounts begin to succeed. Address line 2 j1gging plays a pivotal role in bypassing Nike’s filters. While using a limited number of general Shopify j1gs is possible, excessive use increases the likelihood of being filtered. We recommend employing random phrases in your address line 2 to diversify your profiles. Here are some examples of Nike j1gging for accounts sharing one address.

– 123 Botpedia Lane

– 123 Botpedia Ln,
Steve Miller fan

– 123 Botpedia Lane,
Kirkland Water Bottles

– 123 Botpedia Ln,
Xbox GamePass rocks

– 123 Botpedia Lane,
Chiefs winning it all

– 123 Botpedia Ln,
Love my MiniFridge

  • Nike profiles require accounts for checkout.
  • Phone number and email must match the account.
  • The shipping name can be randomly generated.
  • Utilize multiple addresses to avoid filtering (limit to 10 accounts per address).
  • Modify address line 2 with random phrases to diversify profiles.
  • Random address line 2 examples: “Steve Miller fan,” “Kirkland Water Bottles,” “Xbox GamePass rocks.”

Footsites Jigging

J1gging botting profiles for Footsites is relatively straightforward and shares similarities with Shopify j1gging. The key distinction lies in the effectiveness of catchalls, offering a more economical option compared to acquiring high-quality forwarded Gmails. For instructions on setting up a forwarding Catch-All, please refer to our Catch-All Email guide. When engaging in Footsites botting, it’s essential to diversify the name, address line 2, email, and payment information.

  • Footsites J1gging is similar to Shopify.
  • Catch-all email addresses work well for Footsites.
  • Diversify name, address line 2, email, and payment information.
  • Consider setting up a forwarding Catch-All email for Footsite botting.

*Remember that J1gging is a useful method to overcome one-order-per-address limits on many websites. However, some sites may still have manual review processes or filters that could detect J1gged profiles, so use this technique wisely and stay updated with site-specific strategies.

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