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Reshippers and Reshipping

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Reshippers and Reshipping
September 18, 2023
Reshippers and Reshipping

Reshipping is a savvy strategy that allows you to access releases and items that are typically unavailable in your region. Many retailers around the world restrict their shipping to their home countries or impose exorbitant shipping fees to send items to North America. To overcome these limitations, reshipping services come to the rescue, enabling you to purchase products from stores that would otherwise be out of reach. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand and use reshippers effectively:

Step 1: Select a Reshipper​

  • Start by choosing a reliable reshipping service that operates in the region you’re interested in. Reshippers provide you with a local address within the desired region.

Step 2: Make Your Purchase​

  • Suppose you want to buy a limited-release item like the Nike Sacai Vaporwaffles, which is available only in Singapore. Create bot profiles with the Singapore address provided by your reshipper. You can also make manual purchases, but saving this information to your shop payment options is advisable for manual checkout.

Step 3: Receive the Item​

  • Once you’ve successfully made your purchase, the items will be shipped to the reshipper’s local address in the specified region.

Step 4: Choose Your Delivery Option

You now have two options:

  • Have the reshipper forward the item to your address.
  • Have the reshipper list the item on local resale platforms like Stockx or Goat.

Step 5: Select the Best Option

  • In most cases, it’s more cost-effective to have the reshipper list the item on local resale apps. International shipping fees can range from $70 to $200 or more, making it more sensible to leverage the local market.

    Step 6: Reselling Abroad

    • To sell on apps like Stockx in other countries, update your address on your Stockx account to match the reshipper’s address. This allows you to list the item within the local market of the region.

    Step 7: Calculate Costs

    • Reshippers typically charge $3-$10 for receiving and holding packages for a certain period, usually 1-2 weeks. Additionally, you may pay a small fee of $5-$10 for them to drop off the item at a local resale platform.

    Step 8: Consider Volume Discounts

    • Many reshippers offer discounts for higher volumes of packages, reducing your costs even further.

    Step 9: Payment Methods

    • Some credit or debit cards may decline purchases in foreign countries due to fraud prevention measures. To bypass this, consider using Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) that aren’t zip-code locked. Providers like Privacy, Revolut, American Express Tradeshift, and Capital One eno are known for offering VCCs that allow flexible address usage.

    Reshipping opens up new avenues for accessing exclusive items and expanding your resale business globally. It’s a valuable tool for resellers looking to maximize their profits and source items from international markets.

    Remember to always research and choose reputable reshipping services to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

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