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Ticketmaster Basics

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Ticketmaster Basics

Ticketmaster Basics

Participating in Ticketmaster ticket draws has evolved into a highly lucrative form of reselling, attracting numerous individuals seeking to supplement their income. For high-profile artists, Ticketmaster employs a registration system to distribute access to tickets for their shows. Ticketmaster informs the verified fan base when a tour date is announced or added to an existing tour. The ticket process involves multiple steps, and the approach you take depends on your connections, available funds, and ability to market tickets.

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Registration, Winning, and Ticket Access Codes

When registration opens, it typically lasts for a single day. Signing up for a concert’s registration can result in three outcomes: losing, waitlisting, or winning. If you lose, you can simply sign up for the next one. If waitlisted, there’s potential to gain access to tickets after winners have been served. Winners receive a unique code via text, which is crucial for entering the ticket purchasing process.

Within a day or two of code distribution, a sale for the chosen concert and venue occurs, and the code is used to enter the website and secure the best available tickets. Alternatively, winners may choose to sell the code. Many cook groups have ticket buyers willing to pay a premium for access codes, ranging from $20 for moderately known artists to $500 for major acts like Taylor Swift.

Access Code Sales and Ticket Resale

Selling the access code is straightforward; you provide the code and the Ticketmaster account login information to your buyer. They purchase the tickets and transfer them to their account. After the transfer, you can change your password and continue entering more registrations. Building relationships with code buyers in your community is vital, as they typically offer better returns compared to selling on platforms like eBay or Facebook.

If you opt to buy the concert tickets yourself, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, or the Ticketmaster platform are suitable for resale. However, it’s generally safer to sell the codes. For major artists, such as Adele or Taylor Swift, taking the risk to buy tickets may yield higher profits but comes with the pressure of selling them before the concert.

Strategies and Profit Optimization

Choosing large venues or those relevant to the artist, like Taylor Swift’s concert in Nashville, can significantly enhance profitability due to the location’s strong ties to country music. Maximizing your chances involves entering ticket registrations with as many phone-verified Ticketmaster accounts as possible, encouraging friends and family to participate on your behalf.

Consider the demand for weekend concerts, as they are often more popular due to fans’ work schedules and availability. Concert ticket profitability is currently robust, making participation in this reselling avenue a compelling opportunity.

Step by Step

1. Registration Process:

  • For high-profile artists, Ticketmaster uses a registration system.
  • Registration dates are announced when a new tour date is added.
  • The registration window is typically open for one day.
  • The three possible outcomes are: losing, waitlist, or winning.

2. Post-Registration Outcomes:

  • If you lose, simply sign up for the next registration.
  • Waitlisted individuals may gain access as winners decline their tickets.
  • Winners receive a unique access code via text to proceed with ticket purchase.

3. Selling Your Access Code:

  • Consider selling the access code to ticket buyers in cook groups.
  • Prices vary, ranging from $20 for lesser-known artists to $500 for top-tier artists.
  • Share the code and Ticketmaster account login details with the buyer.
  • After the transfer, change your password and continue entering registrations.

4. Selling Tickets Yourself:

  • If you decide to buy tickets, utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, or Ticketmaster resale.
  • Focus on larger venues or those associated with the artist for maximum profitability.
  • Selling tickets yourself can be more lucrative, especially for popular artists.

5. Factors to Consider:

  • Develop relationships with code buyers for better returns compared to online platforms.
  • Be cautious when purchasing tickets for large-name artists; consider potential profit versus risk.
  • Choose venues strategically, taking into account the artist’s connection to the location.

6. Increasing Your Chances:

  • Create and enter registrations with multiple Ticketmaster accounts (phone-verified).
  • Engage friends and family to enter registrations on your behalf.
  • Consider the demand for weekend concerts when choosing dates and venues.

Conclusion: Concert ticket profitability is at an all-time high, making Ticketmaster ticket draws an attractive venture. By following these steps and considering key factors, you can maximize your chances of success and financial gain in this reselling endeavor.

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