Profit Potential: Making Money with Sneaker Bots

Have you ever heard of automated checkouts or sneaker bots? These types of software have become increasingly popular among resellers and sneaker collectors due to their ability to quickly and accurately purchase multiple items. They are especially useful for businesses that need to complete repetitive or time-consuming tasks. Bot developers target retailers that frequently have popular or exclusive items, and their software has been categorized into several types.

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Nike SNKRS bots are created to buy sneakers from Nike, which is the biggest and most well-known sneaker retailer in the world. To handle the significant amount of bot traffic, Nike has introduced multiple release methods, such as DAN, LEO, and Flow, each with varying levels of bot and proxy filtration. filtration.ย 

Another type is the raffle bot, which has become popular among retailers looking to provide customers with a fair chance at purchasing limited-release items. However, with the use of raffle bots, fairness is no longer guaranteed, as they can enter thousands of times within minutes.

One type is theย Shopify bot, which is designed for online merchants who use the Shopify platform. Many well-known sneaker retailers, such as Kith, Undefeated, Social Status, and DSM, have built their stores on Shopify.

Finally, there are all-in-one bots that can be used on a wide variety of websites targeted by resellers. These can include large retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as sneaker stores, NFTs, and crypto sites.

To use bots effectively, you need to have additional resources. Automated checkout bots require a lot of information and resources to work as they should. This information includes billing and shipping details, and depending on the website you are targeting, you may need to use unique details for each purchase. This means that you will have to use a different name, email, address, and payment information for each transaction. Other resources needed may include proxies to hide your computer’s IP address and unique accounts for each task you set. Retailers often require you to sign in to an account before making a purchase. You can find a list of account providers on our website.

Sneaker Proxies Types

If you’re looking for resources for sneaker botting, there are many options available from different companies and types of proxies. The types of proxies you can choose from are data center, ISP, and residential.

Datacenter ISP

Datacenter ISP proxies are IP addresses provided by datacenters, which act as intermediaries between users and websites. These proxies allow users to mask their real IP addresses and route their internet traffic through datacenters, providing anonymity and bypassing certain restrictions. Unlike residential proxies, which use real user IP addresses, datacenter ISP proxies are artificially created and are typically faster and cheaper, but may have lower reliability and trustworthiness.


Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned to real users by internet service providers (ISPs). These proxies allow users to browse the web anonymously and mimic the behavior of regular internet users. Residential proxies are considered more reliable and trustworthy compared to datacenter proxies, but they can be slower and more expensive due to their authentic nature.

Please be aware that using a datacenter ISP will allow you to checkout faster than your competitors, but it can also be easily detected by website security measures. On the other hand, residential proxies may have slower speed but they have a higher chance of evading security measures that are in place to prevent bots from accessing the site.

Sneaker Servers

When expanding your botting setup, servers can be essential. They can host your bots, providing extraordinary speeds, connectivity, and reliability.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated Windows server for botting refers to a dedicated server running the Windows operating system, specifically designed and optimized for running automated bots. It provides a reliable and powerful environment for executing botting tasks, such as automated online actions or repetitive tasks, with efficiency and stability.

Virtual or Cloud Servers

A virtual or cloud server for botting is a remote server hosted in a virtualized or cloud computing environment. It allows users to deploy and run botting software on virtual instances, providing scalability, flexibility, and accessibility from anywhere. These servers offer resources on-demand, enabling efficient execution of botting tasks.


If you plan on completing various tasks with specific retailers, you may need to register for an account. However, creating multiple accounts manually can be time-consuming when trying to expand your purchasing ability.ย Explore our directory and browse through the list of trusted providers that we have carefully selected.

Some of the retailers that require accounts are Nike, Adidas, Kith, and Undefeated.

Retailer accounts

One of the most popular websites to bot is Nike and its SNKRS app. You can come across a variety of accountsโ€”some are generated by tools, while others are created manually. The same holds true for most other websites, such as Adidas Confirmed.

Email accounts

Email accounts, such as Gmails, serve a multitude of purposes in sneaker botting. High-quality emails are essential for creating profiles and solving captchas. Additionally, you may require bulk emails for entering raffles.

The rise of sneaker reselling with the use of bots

The sneaker reselling industry has experienced a dramatic transformation, thanks to the advent of automated checkout bots. These sophisticated software tools have revolutionized the game by allowing resellers to rapidly secure highly sought-after sneakers during limited releases. With lightning-fast speed and precision, these bots navigate the complexities of online checkout processes, giving resellers a competitive edge in the race to purchase coveted sneakers. As a result, the sneaker reselling landscape has become fiercely competitive, with resellers leveraging these bots to maximize their profit potential.

However, this rise in automated checkout bots has also sparked debates surrounding fairness, ethics, and the impact on the sneaker industry as a whole. As the market evolves, it will be interesting to witness the ongoing interplay between sneaker resellers, brands, and the technology shaping the future of sneaker reselling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing Automated Software:

If you’ve managed to make it this far, clearly you must be absolutely dazzled by the countless advantages rather than any pesky disadvantages. So, without further ado, let’s delve into our oh-so-important thoughts below.


Automated checkout bots offer the advantage of saving time and ensuring accurate input of data at the retailer’s checkout page.

By utilizing these tools, you can significantly improve your success rate during checkout and enhance your reselling experience.

Furthermore, these tools can assist you in staying organized and monitoring incoming orders.


Starting a botting venture can be quite costly. Additionally, it is essential to be aware that many retailers have policies that forbid the use of bots.

Where can I buy Bots?

Now that you have a basic understanding of an auto checkout bot and the necessary resources, it’s time to purchase or rent the bot that best suits your needs.ย 

It is important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when purchasing automated software. It is advisable to use a trustworthy intermediary or a reliable marketplace.

Ready to learn more?

It’s time to download your software and begin the setup process.ย 

The standard for most bots is to provide a download link, which can be found either within the company’s Discord server or on their online dashboard. If you’re having trouble locating the download link for your bot, consider adding “dash.” or “dashboard.” before their domain (e.g., or as it may guide you to the correct location.

Step 1 - General Overview

Click around the bot and familiarize yourself with the interface. The majority of automated checkout software typically includes these options: checkout analytics, task setup, proxy and account import sections, captchas, automations, and general settings.

Step 2 - Create your profiles

Navigate to the profiles section in your preferred software. Within this section, you will find both billing and shipping options. This is where you can configure your payment preferences for purchasing sneakers and specify the shipping details for successful orders.

Just a friendly reminder, most sneaker retailers usually have a rule where customers can only buy one item. So, if you’re planning to cop multiple pairs, make sure you’ve got completely unique info handy โ€“ like different names, emails, addresses, and credit cards.

Step 3 - Import your resources

It’s time to bring in those valuable additional resources that were referenced earlier in this post. Go ahead and copy the proxy list from your selected provider’s dashboard, and don’t forget to hit the save button. Similarly, when importing accounts, make sure you choose a format that is supported by your bot.

Step 4 - Configure Captchas

The requirement for captchas may vary depending on your bot’s infrastructure. Certain bots have the capability to solve captcha requests server-side, eliminating the need for any additional setup on your part.

However, if you intend to target a website that employs captcha support, such as reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha, you will need to follow the guidelines provided within your bot’s Discord server specifically for that particular website. It’s important to note that the setup process can differ across various websites, so it’s advisable to consult the relevant guides provided by your bot’s Discord server for accurate instructions.

Set up your first automated task

Finally, the moment has arrived to prepare for a drop and start reaping the returns on your investment for all the tools and resources you’ve acquired.

Make sure to stay active on Discord, as things can change in the blink of an eye right before the limited shoe release. Retailers frequently implement last-minute modifications to their websites or products to disrupt resellers and bots. Consequently, developers may need to promptly update their automated software to address these pre-release security or bot protection updates.


In conclusion, bots have become an integral part of the reselling industry, particularly in the sneaker market. These automated checkout software tools offer resellers the ability to swiftly and accurately purchase multiple items during limited releases, giving them a competitive edge. There are various types of bots available, including Nike SNKRS bots, raffle bots, Shopify bots, and all-in-one bots, each catering to different platforms and retailers.

To effectively use bots, resellers require additional resources such as proxies, servers, and multiple accounts. Proxies, including data center, ISP, and residential types, provide anonymity and help bypass restrictions. Dedicated and virtual/cloud servers offer reliable and efficient hosting for botting tasks. Additionally, retailers and email accounts are essential for creating profiles, solving captchas, and entering raffles.

While bots offer advantages like saving time and increasing success rates during checkout, there are also challenges, including costs and retailer policies against bot usage. Therefore, resellers should be cautious and conduct thorough research before purchasing bots from trusted intermediaries or marketplaces.

Setting up and using bots involves creating profiles, importing resources, configuring captchas, and initiating automated tasks. Staying active and updated on Discord is crucial to adapt to any last-minute changes made by retailers to thwart bots.

As the sneaker reselling industry continues to evolve, the impact of automated checkout bots on fairness, ethics, and the overall market will remain a subject of debate. Regardless, the use of bots is undeniably reshaping the reselling landscape, and those who effectively leverage these tools stand to gain significant profits in this competitive market.

Remember, while bots can be powerful tools for reselling, it is essential to use them responsibly and within the boundaries set by retailers and platforms to maintain the integrity of the sneaker market for all participants.

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