Foodie: Your Destination for Flavor on a Budget

“If you love great food and saving money, Foodie is the perfect place for you! It’s not just a discount food service; it’s the self-proclaimed #1 Food Deals Community that makes enjoying tasty meals super affordable.”

We have seen several discount service groups rise in the last year, so we decided to jump into the Foodie server to see if the monthly subscription is worth the discounts, benefits, and services offered. Upon subscribing, joining the server was a breeze. At first glance, the server was well-organized and seemed to be packed with the expected discounted food services. However, we were surprised to see a plethora of additional discounts on things like gas and entertainment. They’ve offer cool stuff like “Meal Kit Magic”, where you can get free or super cheap meal kits for tasty home-cooked meals if you’re up for cooking yourself. If ordering out is more your speed, there are plenty of delivery discounts for services like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates, so you can get your meals for less. Outside of the food and discount realm, Foodie has expanded into educational empowerment, providing access to paid services like Chegg and CourseHero. Although we didn’t venture into these services, they can be super beneficial to students or anyone looking to expand their education.

Overall, what we love most about Foodie is the exposure to opportunities such as freebies, loopholes, and price errors. The team excels at finding ways to generate extra income through these avenues. We strongly suggest registering for Foodie if any of the listed features catch your interest, especially considering the 7-day money-back guarantee available for first-time subscribers. You can learn more about Foodie here.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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