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Scaling your botting setup can be challenging, especially when managing and generating accounts. Many botters face the constant headache of purchasing overpriced emails and accounts that often get banned. Enter SolarTools, a game-changing solution designed to streamline your account generation process and provide a robust set of tools to keep your botting setup running smoothly. In this review, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of SolarTools, exploring how it can enhance your botting experience.

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Comprehensive Account Generation


Gmail Features

SolarTools offers an extensive range of features for Gmail account generation, making it a market leader in this space. With anti-fingerprint technology, users can generate Gmail accounts that are less likely to be flagged or banned. The tool allows for seamless forwarding to various platforms such as, GMX, Yahoo, AOL, and even custom catchalls. Additionally, the Gmail reverify feature ensures your accounts remain active, while the smart cookie storage and Google Form AIO (with login) functionalities add layers of convenience.

Key Gmail Features:

  • Market-leading anti-fingerprint technology
  • Automatic Gmail generation and forwarding
  • Gmail reverify and clip checker
  • Smart cookie storage
  • Automated Google form entries

Outlook and Hotmail Capabilities

For those who prefer using Outlook or Hotmail, SolarTools provides robust solutions. The Outlook generator includes features such as account forwarding, reverify, and unclipping, all with the added benefit of IMAP activation. Users can also enjoy two-factor authentication and full backup access, ensuring their accounts are secure and easily recoverable. The custom safe-sender feature and support for multiple SMS and captcha services make it a versatile tool for managing Outlook accounts.

Key Outlook Features:

  • Outlook and Hotmail account generation
  • Forwarding and reverify capabilities
  • IMAP activation and two-factor authentication
  • Custom safe-sender support and GMX Options

SolarTools extends its account generation capabilities to and GMX, offering users the ability to forward emails to a single master or a catchall. The tool bypasses phone verification and deactivates spam filters, ensuring a smooth and efficient email management process. Users can choose from multiple GMX domains, adding flexibility to their account creation strategy.

Key Features:

  • and GMX account generation
  • Forwarding to master or catchall
  • Phone verification bypass
  • Spam filter deactivation

iCloud Services

SolarTools also supports automatic iCloud email generation, making it a comprehensive solution for those who need accounts across various platforms.

Key iCloud Features:

  • Automatic iCloud email generation

Nike (SNKRS) Account Generator

The Nike account generator is one of the standout features of SolarTools. With an in-house Akamai solution and human-like creation processes, users can ensure success on their first drop. The tool is fully customizable and supports multiple SMS services, making it an essential part of any serious botter’s arsenal.

Key Nike Features:

  • Nike account generation with in-house Akamai solution
  • Human-like creation for first-drop success
  • Full customization and worldwide support

Yahoo and AOL Account Generation

For Yahoo and AOL, SolarTools provides account generation with features like app-password addition and two-factor authentication activation. These features ensure that accounts are secure and easy to manage, adding another layer of reliability to your botting setup.

Key Yahoo/AOL Features:

  • Yahoo and AOL account generation
  • App-password addition and two-factor authentication
  • Seamless integration with existing setups
  • Industry first Yahoo forwarding
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User Experience and Support

βœ… Easy Setup and User Interface

SolarTools prides itself on its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. Users can quickly create and manage tasks, making the tool accessible even for those new to botting. The intuitive design ensures that all features are easily navigable, allowing users to make the most of the tool’s capabilities without a steep learning curve.

βœ… 24/7 Expert Support

SolarTools offers round-the-clock support from experts, ensuring that users can get help whenever they need it. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or looking for tips on optimizing your setup, the support team is always available to assist.

βœ… Regular Updates

The SolarTools development team is committed to providing regular updates, with over 300 major updates and hotfixes in the past 12 months alone. This dedication to improvement ensures that the tool remains at the cutting edge of account generation technology.

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Beta 2.0

The recent launch of SolarTools 2.0 Beta showcases the company’s commitment to innovation. All modules have been recoded from the ground up, offering users enhanced performance and reliability. This major update reflects SolarTools’ dedication to staying ahead of the curve and providing top-tier solutions for account generation.

A Must-Have for Serious Botters

SolarTools stands out as a comprehensive and reliable solution for account generation and email management. With its extensive range of features, user-friendly interface, and dedicated support team, it offers everything botters need to scale their setups efficiently. Whether you’re generating Gmail, Outlook,, GMX, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, or Nike accounts, SolarTools has you covered.

For those looking to streamline their botting operations and minimize the risk of account bans, SolarTools is an invaluable asset. Experience the difference for yourself and take your botting setup to the next level with SolarTools.

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