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Partnering with Botpedia ensures invaluable exposure to a targeted audience in the botting and reselling niche. Our comprehensive link directory serves as a centralized hub for relevant resources, offering prime placement options across multiple pages. This visibility drives traffic, attracts customers, and strengthens your brand’s recognition and authority within the community. Plus, Botpedia’s backlinks offer a powerful SEO boost, improving your search engine rankings and overall online presence. By confidently leveraging the power of Botpedia’s platform, you can establish your business as an industry leader and expand your reach.

Partner benefits include

Targeted Audience

Connect with individuals passionate about the reselling niche.

Build Credibility

Showcasing your business on Botpedia establishes trust within the community.

SEO Optimization

Enjoy off-page SEO benefits, including guest posts and backlinks.

Exclusive Support

Access dedicated assistance from the Botpedia team.

Promotional Advertisements

Highlight your business with strategically placed ads.

High Visibility

Reach a vast community of resellers, bot users, and enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Listings

Get a dedicated page to showcase your business or service.


Join an active and engaged community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Our organization provides a diverse range of placement options across multiple pages, including advertising opportunities within our articles, releases, and our highly active Discord server.

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 User SubmissionOffical Partners
Listing InclusionOpen to anyoneExclusive partnership
Metadata AccessLimited metadata optionsAdvanced metadata privileges
VisibilityBasic exposurePrime placement on multiple pages
SEO EnhancementMinimal SEO benefitsEnhanced SEO with backlinks
CustomizationCustom partner review page
Promotional OpportunitiesPromotions for additional inbound links
SupportStandard supportDedicated partner support
Dashboard Access
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